EQ2 Logcleaner

What is EQ2 Logcleaner?

EQ2 Logcleaner is an filter for your Everquest II log files. It strips out the numeric date and all link information and copies the text to a new file. It will filter on chat type and on date and time. It has the option to set your favourite viewer or text editor and to open the resulting file.

What does EQ2 Logcleaner do for me?

Have you ever wanted to post a group or tell conversation to a forum or mail it to a friend? EQ2 Logcleaner will filter out all the other conversations and battlespam, leaving you just what you need.

Do you want to see what you sold and at what price? Simply tick the Sales box and you will get a list of all your broker transactions.

Under the File menu, click Set Viewer and navigate to your preferred text viewer or text editor. The default is Notepad but I recommend changing this as Notepad copes very badly with large files. Personally I use gvim which can load a 300 Mb file in about 6 seconds. Having set the viewer, File -> View File will display it or, even easier, click on the link near the bottom of the form.

You may wish to see everything but if you are looking for something specific, you can narrow it down to a specific time period. Who was it who was selling masters in the tradeskill channel yesterday? Set your start and end date and tick channels and you will have a minimal amount of data to look through.

Finally, you can search on key words. If the Keywords box is ticked, only lines containing the words chosen will be output.

Starting with version 1.1, you can select Raidmembers and Loot. The former will include the output from a /whoraid command, the latter will show loot drops. The Loot option includes both guild messages and those produced by the Extended Chat Window Output.

Where can I get EQ2 Logcleaner?

The EQ2 Logcleaner application can be downloaded here: LogcleanerInstaller.exe. It simply downloads and runs.

The installer checks that you have .NET version 2.0 installed and, if not, it will download it from Microsoft's site. It will then install Logcleaner.exe. It makes use of Microsoft's new ClickOnce technology and will appear in your Start Menu under May.BE -> EQ2Logcleaner.

Every time you run the program, it will check this server for updates and install the latest version. No information is uploaded to the server.

The current version is and so I suppose it can be considered to be out of beta. I would be very grateful for any feedback you may have. Expect to see new features being added as time goes on.

Where does EQ2 Logcleaner store my personal data?

The only data stored is in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> May.BE -> Logcleaner. Only your last-used options are stored so that they become your default settings for next time you run the program. No information is sent onto the Internet.

Source Code

May.BE runs a Subversion Server with public access for the code to this project. The current source to EQ2 Logcleaner can be found at http://svn.may.be/svn/Cleanlog/trunk/. If you make any changes, please feed these back to me via email.

Other Utilities

See also my EQ2 Login utility which simplifies switching around characters and accounts.

Contact Details

If you like EQ2 Logcleaner, please let me know. Ditto if you hate it or find a bug in it or want to make a suggestion for it. I'm Cliff Stanford and you can mail me as cliff@may.be. On EQ2 I'm Sixes on Blackburrow, a member of Britannic Lore and you can mail me there in-game or as sixes@britlore.co.uk.

EQ2 Log Cleaner
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